for all.

OMNI Hockey is an inclusive hockey community committed to sharing ideas that provide collaborative content and resources for all who participate in the sport of hockey.


 A combining form meaning “all”

About Us

At OMNI Hockey our purpose is simple – hockey for all!

With over 30 years of experience, the managing team at OMNI Hockey had an idea to create a unique hockey marketplace where member contributions and experiences would influence the content, program resources and offerings provided. 

We aim to inspire and connect with all individuals and communities to foster growth and progressive change in the sport of hockey by focusing on collaborative resources and content.

What we do


Stay protected while playing the game you love

As a part of OMNI Hockey’s membership program, our organization offers an insurance program via Lawrie Insurance Brokers that includes a Commercial General Liability policy and an On-Ice Sport Accident policy for teams, leagues, associations. 


Coming soon!

The OMNI Hockey Marketplace

By the hockey community, for the hockey community.

We are developing an interactive marketplace that highlights our user’s hockey programs and interests, while also encouraging input in helping OMNI Hockey create fun, beneficial, and communal offerings for all involved in the sport.

Coming soon!

green light program

 Environmental sustainability and sport go hand-in-hand. 

Our team is committed to: 

  • Advocating for green programs that are making a difference in our communities.
  • Supporting community leaders with the resources they need to build and grow successful green initiatives.
  • Developing programs and awards that recognize the green efforts of individuals, arenas, and communities.

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Join our inclusive hockey marketplace and connect with others with shared ideas. Get exclusive access to our collaborative content, resources and funding opportunities for all who want to play, improve, teach and have fun with the game of hockey at the grassroots level.