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Breaking the Ice with Brianne Jenner

by Omni Hockey

October 25, 2023

Omni Hockey sat down with Brianne Jenner, Olympic MVP, and recently signed with the PWHL’s Ottawa franchise.

Making Failure Your Friend

by Pavel Barber

September 7, 2023

Failure sucks. We’ve all felt it, and we all want to avoid it. Yet we also know that failure makes us better. We know that failure is not only necessary, but it is also inevitable to master one’s craft.

Getting to know Fanni Garát-Gasparics

by Fanni Garát-Gasparics

May 15, 2024

Day in the Life of a Reporter and Content Creator

by Emmy Curtis

May 14, 2024

A day in the life walk through with sports reporter and content creator, Emmy Raine Curtis.

Beyond Sight, Beyond Limits: Canadian Blind Hockey

April 30, 2024

Today, we’re honoured to welcome Luca Demontis, a pivotal member of the Canadian Blind Hockey team and the General Manager of the Canadian National Blind Hockey team, as he shares insights into the captivating world of blind hockey. Luca sheds light on the organization, the sport, and the growing Canadian National Blind Hockey Tournament. Join us as we delve into the passion and dedication driving this incredible sport forward.

Empowering Girls Through Sports: The Importance of Tailored Coaching

by Jenelle Maul

March 25, 2024

Jenelle Maul, Kinesiologist and Sport Strength and Conditioning Coach, delves into the transformative power of tailored coaching for young female athletes. She expands on how various coaching techniques, adapted to meet the specific needs of female athletes, can empower them, fostering confidence, resilience, and inclusivity on the ice and beyond.”

Bridging Worlds: Athlete to Physiotherapist

by Sarah McGall

March 19, 2024

Sarah McGall, formerly an NCAA Division I athlete and now a physiotherapist, reflects on the demanding journey of sports and injury rehabilitation. Sharing her insights with Omni Hockey, Sarah provides a unique perspective on resilience and personal growth beyond the confines of the game.

A Manitoba Blind Hockey Player and Her Love for the Game

by Scarlette Dorn

March 15, 2024

Change Begins with a Conversation

by D Jay McGrath

March 5, 2024

D Jay recounts his challenging journey from a promising young hockey player in Saskatchewan to battling mental health issues and addiction, and eventually finding redemption through recovery and advocacy

Navigating Life After the Final Whistle

by Omni Hockey

February 15, 2024

Maegan Beres shares her personal experience about the difficult decision to leave behind the sport she deeply loved to embark on a corporate career, and how she navigated this significant life transition.

The Heart of Hockey

by Tyler Smith

January 31, 2024

I’m not here to write about myself. I am here to write about how individuals long for a community that they feel apart of and how the hockey community has the power to allow individuals to have a sense of belonging and recognition. Around 40% of kids now a days unfortunately don’t feel like they belong and that is alarming to read.

Defying Limits on the Ice

by Lauren Dabrowski

January 23, 2024

Despite facing challenges due to my physical disability – Congenital Short Femur – diagnosed at the age of 3, I’ve embraced the highs and navigated the hurdles, making enduring friendships and creating lasting memories along the way.