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Beyond Sight, Beyond Limits: Canadian Blind Hockey

April 30, 2024

Today, we’re honoured to welcome Luca Demontis, a pivotal member of the Canadian Blind Hockey team and the General Manager of the Canadian National Blind Hockey team, as he shares insights into the captivating world of blind hockey. Luca sheds light on the organization, the sport, and the growing Canadian National Blind Hockey Tournament. Join us as we delve into the passion and dedication driving this incredible sport forward.

The Heart of Hockey

by Tyler Smith

January 31, 2024

I’m not here to write about myself. I am here to write about how individuals long for a community that they feel apart of and how the hockey community has the power to allow individuals to have a sense of belonging and recognition. Around 40% of kids now a days unfortunately don’t feel like they belong and that is alarming to read.

It’s Time to Talk Mental Health

by Tanner Mortenson

January 4, 2024

The hockey community needs more serious discussions around mental health. Having people come in with lived experiences to talk to about what they’ve gone through to show these athletes they’re not alone. There have been some positive developments but more needs to be done to support athletes that may be struggling with their mental health.

My Journey from Player to Sports Nutritionist

by Melissa Boufounos

December 20, 2023

With a prioritization of performance over aesthetics, my programs and coaching are designed to help teen and adolescent hockey players become the healthiest and strongest versions of themselves in the most sustainable way possible. A solid nutrition foundation goes beyond what to eat before, during, and after training sessions, practices, and games.

Q&A With Sarah Thompson

by Sarah Thompson

September 19, 2023

We caught up with Syracuse forward Sarah Thompson before the start of her season. She discussed her hockey journey and her remarkable organization, Sticks Together.

What Hockey Means To Me

by Claire Buchanan

September 8, 2023

I have been playing sports for most of my life now and there are two things I have learned: If you work hard, the results will come and just as importantly, you can’t do it alone.