Day in the Life of a Reporter and Content Creator
Emmy Curtis
Reporter and Content Creator

My name is Emmy Curtis. I’m a sports reporter and content creator based in Toronto but grew up on the west coast of Canada. My passion for sports media ignited during high school, which lead to pursuing a journalism degree from the University of Toronto.

As a 2024 university grad about to enter the sports industry full-time, I’ve had my share of ups and downs, but one thing I couldn’t be more confident in is choosing a career in the sports media field.

As a reporter and content creator, each game day is a little bit different and brings a unique blend of excitement and challenges. Here is what a typical day in the life working in sports media looks like for me…


8:00 AM: The day starts early with a quick review of emails, social media plans, and news updates related to the game I’m covering or sports I try to keep up with in general. This helps set the tone for the day and ensures I’m up to date with the latest trades, injury updates, league standings, etc.

9:00 AM: Time for breakfast, sports is such a hustle, and so I always prioritize fuelling my body for the game day- sometimes I don’t even know when I’ll be able to take a break next. I do this while scrolling through social media feeds, engaging with followers in the comments, and brainstorming ideas for game day content. This is also when I check in with my team members to align our goals for the day.

10:00 AM: If media has access for pre-game practice sessions or pre-game interviews, I’ll usually head to the arena for those. This is a crucial time to connect with players, coaches, and staff, gathering insights, quotes, and behind-the-scenes moments that add depth to my reporting and published stories if I’m writing an article that day.

11:00 AM: This is a work period for me to transcribe interviews, organize footage, and outline articles or video scripts. This phase requires attention to detail to ensure accuracy and clarity in every piece of content produced. I also take this time to get a head start on the article that I’m writing so that it’s less work during and post-game.

2:00 PM: Dive into content creation mode. Whether it’s editing videos, or designing graphics, this is when I focus on managing social media. Creativity and storytelling skills are so important in this position in order to engage and inform our audience effectively. Editing videos always takes a lot longer than you expect, so I like to take this time to focus on properly editing and voicing over different videos.


5:00 PM: Go back to the arena and prep media working area, meet up with team members, come up with an execution plan for each person, and make sure everyone is clear about their role. This is also a great time to film any content necessary before fans enter.

7:00 PM: Game time! Every game day varies. I usually start by filming fans, filming the players entering the arena, and grab any content with fans I need for TikTok. In between periods, I will go into reporting mode and interview fans and notable people at the game. Post-game is press-conference time, and my opportunity to collect quotes from players or film 1-on-1 interviews with coaching staff, sometimes they are scrum form and sometimes I get the chance to speak individually with the players but it’s dependent on the game.

11:00 PM: Wind down with a debriefing session with the team. We reflect on the day’s successes, challenges, and lessons learned, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration. If I need to have anything posted timely or asap, I’ll also take this time to edit and post before I head home.

This day-in-the-life glimpse highlights the multifaceted role of being a reporter and content creator. I love that I get to blend my passion for sport with journalistic and digital storytelling. It’s a dynamic role that celebrates the athletes, stories, and moments that make the fan experience truly exceptional.


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