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Bridging Worlds: Athlete to Physiotherapist

by Sarah McGall

March 19, 2024

Sarah McGall, formerly an NCAA Division I athlete and now a physiotherapist, reflects on the demanding journey of sports and injury rehabilitation. Sharing her insights with Omni Hockey, Sarah provides a unique perspective on resilience and personal growth beyond the confines of the game.

Change Begins with a Conversation

by D Jay McGrath

March 5, 2024

D Jay recounts his challenging journey from a promising young hockey player in Saskatchewan to battling mental health issues and addiction, and eventually finding redemption through recovery and advocacy

Navigating Life After the Final Whistle

by Omni Hockey

February 15, 2024

Maegan Beres shares her personal experience about the difficult decision to leave behind the sport she deeply loved to embark on a corporate career, and how she navigated this significant life transition.